Getting Started

I have to admit that deciding on what to write as my first blog post was not an easy task! I kept telling myself: “You have to start with a Bang!” Hmm… all of a sudden nothing seemed “Bang Worthy” Frustrating huh?!

I decided to start how every project should start: with a Work Plan! There’s so many projects we’d like to do… A perfect example of this is that famous Pinterest Board you’ve been nesting probably under the name of “Dream House” Sure it’s filled with tons of great ideas but, “If only I had the time”- sounds familiar?! Time is a tricky thing; there’s either never enough of it or is not going by quick enough. The truth is, you can always get things accomplished, you just have to plan ahead. Trust me, with a 1 year old that runs on Energizer Bunny batteries all day long; planning ahead is the only way I can get things done! 20140824_173118Here are 6 basic steps to help you make those projects a reality:

  1. Print out all your ideas. As long as they are nested in the web they’ll be doing just that, nesting! It’s like a Project Bucket list that you may or may not get to do. If you have all those ideas on a Pinterest Board, there’s many ways of converting them to PDF an printing them, but for me the easiest way is just opening the board, click on the File tab, then Print preview, change the paper to landscape and print! If you’d like you can even shrink it to fit more Pins per page.BoardPrint
  2. Review your ideas & be realistic. There’s tons of ideas & projects out there that look beautiful, but are they practical? Ask yourself; will they make your living room functional? Is it easy to maintain? Is it budget friendly? How does it feel? You want something that not only looks good but also feels good. Will it survive your kids or even your husband?! Let’s be honest here, that beautiful tall vase in the middle of the family room table wont last long once your husband or your kids starts moving it around in order to see the TV better! Your house should work for you and your family’s lifestyle, not for the overall critic! Scratch out of your list everything that’s not practical, or look for other alternatives that will make it practical for you. You’ll be happy you didn’t go for that elegant all white living room décor on Game Night! vintage-cleaning
  3. Organize your ideas. You’ll want to separate your projects by rooms if you are planning to do more than one room makeover. It will not only keep you from overwhelming yourself but it will allow you to stay focused. As tempting as it might be, stick to one room/project at a time. By keeping projects separate you’ll have a bigger sense of accomplishment rather than that overwhelming feeling of “so many projects unfinished”.
  4. Reuse. Truth be told, we are not millionaires! If we were, we would be paying someone to do all our projects for us which would save us the chaos! Oh yeah, did I say chaos? Yes, there will be chaos, but don’t worry! Have you ever seen an HGTV show where the pro’s go through a project without any drama?! As long as you don’t go over your head, you and I will be fine! Now, back to reusing… go around the house and look for all those glass vases, containers, lamps, etc. I’m sure you’ll find some stuff in the garage or in the attic, chances are you have some pretty cool stuff that with a little help will look totally different! Of course it would be nice to buy everything new but don’t let the “can’t afford it” derail you from your project. Work with what you’ve got, you’ll be surprise what you can accomplish.
  5. Make a Plan & stick to it! Set a start day, work around your current schedule but don’t procrastinate. If you have small children leave the quiet work for during nap times; if you have a full time job, plan around your “days off”, but don’t kill yourself, take your time. The plan is to stick to it, slowly but surely you will complete it. Rome wasn’t built in one day and dream homes take time. Set a day for researching tutorials on the web, a day for buying materials (remember, start by working with what you have on hand), another day for prep work and so on. Give yourself one task per “day”, not a project per day! You are more likely to finish your projects if you are not “over it” before you’re done!start
  6. Let’s get to Work!!

Now, as we go through projects together, I’ll open up a Pinterest Board for projects around the house. Our little family is currently in the process of building a brand new house that will be ready to move in by February and I’ve been gathering up ideas and working on projects for our new home for a while now. It’s exciting to work on a blank slate and I have a full folder filled with ideas, some of which I’ve already prepared ahead! Can’t wait to share them all with you! I’ll be posting twice a week every week so keep checking back for cool ideas and projects! This Friday I’ll share with you a very useful and simple craft that you can get done in 1 hour and use all year long. Time to start printing those ideas!


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