One Sign for All!

If one thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that buying online, saves me not only time and headaches but most importantly money. There are exceptions to what you can/should and shouldn’t buy online, but for the most part, it works great! With that being said, delivery of packages are a common thing around our house. Apart from the dogs going crazy every time the UPS or FedEx truck came along, it never bothered me that they were/are quite noisy; that’s until my son was born. All of a sudden the delivery people conspired against me to go from delivering packages from 5 to 6 PM to delivering without a fault during Jaden’s nap time! He seems to be on a mission to conquer as much adventure as possible while he is awake, so once he is up, no matter how baby proof the house is, you better keep an eye on him! I figure writing a note with a marker on a piece of paper saying: “baby sleeping” would probably be a little rude, so I’ve been running like crazy -trying to keep them from making too much noise- This is every time I hear the truck coming. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. But then last week the UPS delivery man very politely told me “you should put a sign up”. Say no more! A sign it is! c3683a73904d7fc4545067f83745d105I saw this cute sign and Pinned it in my Autumn Pinterest Board, it’s a neat way of letting Trick-or-Treaters know you’re out of candy. But why limit yourself to Halloween? I can use a sign all year long! So here it is; one sign you can use whether you are trying to say ‘Out of Treats’, ‘Baby Sleeping’, ‘Leave package’ or ‘Don’t forget the Mail’! If you like to keep up with the Holidays and the changing Seasons, all you have to do is exchange the bow with  seasonal ribbons. This will take you about 1 hour of active crafting time, 2 if you count the drying time.


  • Chalkboard craft paint
  • Wood plaque
  • Small hanging hook
  • Chalk
  • 2″ Ribbon
  • Embellishments (optional)


  • Craft glue
  • Paint brush

The great thing about the wood sold in craft stores is that you don’t need power tools. Add some glue to the tip of the hanging hook (this is optional but it will secure it from becoming loose in the future). Place the hook over the wood and twist until tight. I used a big hook because it was what I had in the garage, but I suggest you use a smaller hook. The only reason why you are using a hook is to attach the bow; also smaller hooks won’t chip the wood. Once the hook is secured, cleanup any excess glue and is time to paint. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost chalk paints will tell you to wait 2 hours between coats, this is true if you are layering two different colors in order to create a distress look. But if you are using only one color, I would give it about 30 minutes between coats. This is where your time will go, waiting. The second coat takes a little longer to dry, but once its dry the fun begins. If your hook got a little paint on it, don’t worry; you can scrape it off once its dry, with a white paper towel or a baby wipe.


Layered Distress Effect

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe embellishments part is totally optional, if you choose to you can leave it as it is, and skip to attaching the bow. You can also use stencils to paint a permanent design, like Christy on 11 I decided to go for a little bling, you’ll come to find that I love sparkly stuff! I found these in the paper and sticker area in the craft store, they are actually plastic and worth the clearance price of $0.79! But anything from stencils, buttons or broken bracelets will do. What ever you like will look good. Your next step is to prepare the surface for writing; take a chalk and lightly rub it over your board, then take a dry cloth and wipe. The purpose of this is to make sure that your first writing doesn’t become marked on the board even after erasing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And finally, we make a bow. Once your bow is done create a loop with the same ribbon (to hang on the door). Secure the bow to the hook; remember it’s meant to be interchangeable so don’t glue it. That’s it! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I suggest you don’t press heavily on the chalk when writing so it is easier to erase and re-write. You can also use a damp cloth to erase but don’t rub the wood to hard. Feeling inspired?! Get crafting and post a picture of your sign on the comments! Next week we’ll be re-making glass wear from around the house and getting ready for Halloween! Till then!


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