Organized my way!

Everybody wants to be organized, but let’s face it, you want to be organized your way! Somebody else’s idea of how being organized should be, doesn’t always work for you. That’s why finding a desk organizer that fit your needs is sometimes a headache on it’s own. I can never find a desk organizer with sufficient space for all my pens, pencils and tools, I always end up using more than one organizer and that doesn’t really help me feel organized to begin with. When I saw this idea in Pinterest I thought, now there’s and idea I can modify…


You see, I didn’t need the space to hold papers, and I wanted something that would last, -cardboard seems easy enough but not durable- so, I made a few changes…

  1. Durability was my first concern, so instead of using cardboard boxes and empty paper towel rolls, I went for empty containers of Gerber Graduates Puffs and Gerber Cereal containers of 2 different sizes (8oz and 16oz). GBR-04520-4No need to go shopping for these, I just happen to have a munchkin at home. Look around your kitchen and see what can you re-use, a great place to start looking, is your recycling bin!
  2. I cut the containers so they would all be the same size, but you can cut them different sizes if it fits your needs.
  3. Play around with your containers until you find the best way to arrange them on your wood plaque.Untitled-4
  4. I loved the way this blogger design her organizer, but since I was not using cardboard products, using cardstock paper to decorate was definitely out of the question. Since the containers are plastic, craft or acrylic paint can easily be scraped off. The best option for plastic is spray paint that bonds with plastic. I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x, both inside and out, but painting on the inside is totally optional and not necessary, is more a matter of Design! They have so many colors to choose from you’ll want to use more than one! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  5. I painted everything first and then once it was dried I glued the pieces together, minimizing glue excess around the sides. Though craft paint works great, I choose to use Wood Glue instead since plastic can sometimes not glue properly. It’s really a matter of choice rather than anything else so use what ever you have at home, just don’t use Elmer’s glue, that’s more for paper projects! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The great thing about this project is that you can make it as big or as small as you want or need. The wood plaques can be found in many different shapes and sizes in your Craft store and if you have a coupon you can even get it for 50% OFF! Once you decorate it no one will know you used salsa cans, cereal boxes or Gerber bins! This is an easy project you can get done in no time!


  • Wood plaque
  • Glue
  • Paint or cardstock paper
  • Scissor or cutting knife

For more desk organizing ideas don’t forget to check my Pinteres Board!


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