Costumes that Work!

Whether you call it Fall or Harvest Festival or just plain old Halloween, it’s the time of the year when we all get a “Hall Pass” to dressing up in silly or  cool costumes! With so many choices out there, you can dress up as anyone and pay anything from $10 to hundreds of dollars. In most cases a nice adult costume can be as expensive as a cocktail dress; and good luck convincing your child to get that $10 deal costume while she has her eyes on that other pricey costume!

Remember how much fun it was making your own costume when you where growing up? I know, I know… no time, but how about if you could make a costume in 1 hour or less?! Why would you pay so much money for something you are only going to use once?! All it take is a web search for DIY Costumes and the possibilities are endless, but that sometimes can be overwhelming on it’s own. That’s why I’m sharing with you some simple, time and money saving ideas that are worth considering! While not all of them have step by step instructions (some of the links to the websites did not work), they are simple enough to figure out, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Family Ideas


Sophisticated Pirate?  Glue/sow lace

Sophisticated Pirate?
Glue or sow on lace


Remember the 90’s?!


Flowerly PJ top and homemade Tutu! Go Mom!

Little black dress and Dollar Store table cloth!

Little black dress & plastic tablecloth!

Got a trench coat?!

enhanced-buzz-22250-1377234993-21 enhanced-buzz-9719-1377142933-0

Kids & Teens


Any hat will do, is the makeup that makes it cute!


A garbage bag full of balloons!


Anybody can be Superman!


Remember those Overalls?!

Recycle & Microwave some Popcorn!

You know you got a sweater for this!

Infants & Toddlers


You can do wonders with a Onesie!


A tutu can make a white top into anything you want! Click for tutorial


PVC, boxes or overalls, they are all too cute!

Have a great weekend! See you next week!

(For the links to the Infants & Toddler costumes check out my Pinterest Board for the Instructions)


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