A Glass Makeover Part 2!

Two weeks ago I shared with you, part  one of my “Costal Collection”/Glass Makeover. Today, we will take a look at part two of my glassware makeover projects. I wanted to create a variety of coastal colors but also a variety of textures. It is never a good idea to overlook texture as it can do wonders for your décor or  it can completely throw off your intents*. Remember the purpose of these Glass Makeover projects is to reuse what I have on hand. Here are some other techniques I have tried:

  • Sand Glass

This technique is a must for anybody doing a Beach or Coastal themed décor. It’s beautiful, extremely easy to make and affordable! All you need is Rust-Oleum American Accents Stone Textured Finish spray paint (about $7.97) and your choice of glass. You could use a plastic vase but I would use glass, even though it says “Fast Drying” on the label, my experience was quite the opposite. Even on a sunny hot Florida day it took about 24 hours to fully dry. No complaints here though, the results where worth the wait! I’ll give you some good advice; don’t try to cover your vase with one coat, it takes 2 to 3 coats to get a good even texture on your glass. Lastly, avoid doing heavy coats to cut out time. Since this technique will provide you with a fully opaque finish, you should take advantage of it and cover up those vases you are not too fond of! Like mine for example!





  • Metallic Glass

I saw this tutorial on Buzzfeed.com, they where decorating Drinking Glasses, and I loved the effect! Funny enough I didn’t realized it was a drinking glass until after I had done my vase since it looked like I tall vase on the picture! Meaning: I didn’t read the instructions. Something I hate to admit I do often; but the good thing is, you’ll learn from my mistakes! You can actually use metallic spray paint or metallic glass paint, either way you’ll get a beautiful effect. Don’t like the metallic look? No worries, your choice of color or texture paint will do just fine!

Materials needed: Metallic spray paint and painting tape



  • Mercury Glass

Now this technique requires a little more of hands on time. It’s beautiful and well worth your time and money; the paint cost is about $12 for a small paint can and I have to admit I wasn’t driven to pay that much for a 6oz can. But compared to buying a Mercury vase, I decided to bite the bullet and I’m happy I did! For $12 I now have 4 Mercury pieces all different shapes and sizes, and I still have some left over for some Tea light holders I plan to make from baby food jars! Follow the link attached to the Tutorial Image, it’s simple and detailed. You must use Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint from Krylon, metallic paint will not provide the desire effect. Try it, you’ll love the effect!

Materials needed: Krylon paint, water and vinegar





byLisandra After Staining Glass Technique

After Staining Glass Technique

These are all less time consuming and labor intensive in comparison with our First Glass Makeover Post but they provide a beautiful texture and design to any room. *Texture can be anything from a pillow to a rug or a vase. Here are some good links to great articles about Texture and Decorating that will help you!

Make an Impact with Texture

Decorating with Texture

10 Simple Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

Next post…getting ready for Thanksgiving!


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