Thanksgiving leaves

“Autumn is the Season to find contentment at Home by paying attention to what we already have.” Unknown

It’s undeniable that Autumn brings us closer to that feeling of thankfulness and appreciation; the year is almost over and though it has been a tough one, we’ve made it through another Thanksgiving dinner. With just a month to go until we stuff ourselves with enough turkey we feel we are about to pup, it’s time to start planning! If one thing we both love and miss about Fall is the beautiful display of colors, specially in the leaves. They are the epitome of the Season and you can find them everywhere you look, they are versatile and elegant, and make great table displays.

We often see them as place cards in Fall weddings, and they never look the same since you can spray paint them, layer them, write on them…

For more details on these check my Pinterest Autumn Board

For more details on these check my Pinterest Autumn Board

Here are a few extra ideas you can incorporate to your table display:

  • Monogram

If seating arrangements are not an important factor in your Thanksgiving table, switch the individual names on the leaves for a family Monogram. It can be a one to three letter Monogram and it can be as formal or as casual as your family affair. The following method works best for paper leaves since you will be tracing your Monogram unto them.

∗∗If you happen to already have a family Monogram on a stamp; skip these steps, gather natural leaves, clean theme and stamp ahead! Your guess will be impressed!

1. Start by designing your Monogram. Use your Microsoft Word WordArt tool. Play with fonts and styles until you find a  combination that works for you.


2. Make sure you measure the area on the leaves where the Monogram would go, that way you will have an idea of how big your Monogram should be. I used a line (from the Shapes tools) to more accurately measure the size of the font, since you can’t really go by the Text Box size.


Example byLisandra

3. Print your Monogram and verify it fits on your leaves.

4. Trace your Monogram with your choice of Sharpie, Gel or Metallic pen.



If you like a more personal touch, consider letting the kids help out making paper leaves. Here are two cute tutorials that you can follow:

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  • Inspirational Words

Now why stop at names or Monograms?! Leaves have 2 sides, let’s use them! Find a verse, rhyme or Seasonal saying that you like, and write it on the back of the leaves or skip the name or family Monogram all together and stick to a good old “Gobble, Gobble!” Don’t like the idea of writing on leaves?! How about stamping a message or figure?! You can find many choices at the craft store for very little and with stamps your work its as simple as choosing the ink color! You could even use the stamp on the napkins or take home boxes!



  • A Gift

This could be a warm personalized touch to your get together or a playful one. Days before your dinner, take some time and search for inspirational quotes or Bible verses for each of your guest. Make sure they are individual and with the person in mind. Write the Bible verse or the quote in the back of the leave as your family’s gift to them. Once you all sit down for dinner, inform everybody of your heartfelt gift.

On the playful note you can add numbers to the back of the leaves for a family raffle for the last piece of pie or a special gift! You could make it into an after dinner scavenger hunt around the house. Be creative and have fun, anything from riddles to questions like “Why are you thankful for Grandpa?”. The purpose is to make it more intimate and fun.

All these ideas can be made using the front or back of the leave or by simply printing them on a sheet of paper and creating tags or scrolls that you can attach to your leaves. I’ve attached a link to some Tags Templates that are ready to use.


Examples byLisandra

You can make them ahead of time so you can focus on the planning and control of chaos, then is just a matter of setting the table!





It’s a simple touch that will just reinforce how much you care.

Time to gather up those leaves!! See you next week!


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