Thinking of Christmas…

Even though I admit I’m a planner, I will confess I was a bit surprised to see tents for Christmas Tree “Shops” already set up. I mean I love it, but it was quite a chocker. I remember that no more than 5 years ago, you couldn’t find fresh Christmas Trees until the week of Thanksgiving! If you thought that it was too soon to talk about Christmas, let me tell you that Santa’s Work Shop is already open for pictures at the mall! Incredible as it is, are you ready?! Have you decided on a Tree theme this year, or are you going for the same décor as the last 3 years?! I’ll share with you my favorite Tree Trends for this Holiday Season in hopes of inspiring you to get your “Craft On” and decorate for me, since I can’t do any sort of inside décor this year. Remember my realtor “no clutter” rule?! yeap, bummer, but… no worries, I’ll bring down the house next year, that I can warranty!

Hanging Tree

This trend started as an idea for people with little space, and it has quickly develop into a Modern Trend with several choices to work with. I love that despite the fact that its a space saver idea, you can still add presents under the tree on Christmas morning and have free space immediately after. Plus, you have the eye catching tree factor with the hassle free cleanup; you can literally put this away in a box without having to take the ornaments off!

Wooden &/or Stick Tree

For a more cleaned up look; a tree without foliage! The fun thing about this trend is that anything can be used to make a tree: wooden stairs, wired or natural branches, and any sort of wood; craft or recycled. Minimum décor is needed and originality will definitely attract people towards your tree even if you are still using the same old ornament for the last 5 years. Chances are, you already have everything you need to make one of these!


Use LED decorative branches attached to a natural branch.


Buy or DIY?!

5d3f391b106934de3f72b3dc6bd049ca edab806ec1558931390cdd554e98adb3 WordArt

Tree on the Wall

Another space saving trend! No room for a tree and not too keen  of Table-Top trees?! No worries; have a big tree, just use a wall! With these ideas your tree doesn’t have to look like the classroom tree the teacher use to put on the wall!


Ornaments only please!


Drift wood or branches


Draw using chalk & decorate!

Less is more 

Believe it or not, trough out the years less has become more during the Holiday Season; even if some, still cling to the idea of “more is better”. Using only the same type of ornaments or using no ornaments at all, can make for some really eye catching trees. In some cases the tree just looks awesome on its own! The key with this trend is to use less!


Ornaments only.


Have any Bears?!


Originality with very little!

Just perfect!

Just perfect!


And of course, one of my favorite trends, the traditional fully decorated Christmas tree! It does require more time, patience and decorations, but what can I say, it’s a classic! Year after year you can always find new styles and ideas for your tree; these are just but a few that are just breath taking!

exciting-silver-and-white-christmas-tree-decorations-35 christmas-tree-decorations

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So there it is! Just a few of my favorite trends! Remember to re-use what you have and just give it a “facelift/makeover”! If you need ideas, just check out my Pinterest Christmas & Winter Board! Don’t forget to add some pictures of your Trees in the comment area, once you’ve set it up! I’ll be giving away a Price to the Best DYI Inspired Christmas Tree, I’ll announce the winner on December 26! So start crafting and don’t forget to post!


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