DIY Ornaments for the None Crafty!

Hi everybody! After missing one blogging week, I’m happy to be back again! My little one got sick and the rest is history, long tiresome, craft-less week! But I have some cool things in store, including a new approach to remaking a metal vase! (more on that on Friday!) But today, I’ll share with you some neat quick tricks to making (and having) really nice expensive looking ornaments without spending $4 to $14 for each of them. Best of all, you don’t have to buy any extra supplies and it’s a great project for all my friends who call themselves “none crafty”!

Ever go to the store and browse through the aisles with individually sold Christmas ornaments, and think to your self: “I would have to spend a fortune just to buy enough of these for my tree”? You end up buying the ones that come in bundles and think to your self: “I’ll stick with the cheap ones”. No need to settle! those are exactly the ones we are going to be working on, and by the time we are done they will look like we hit the lotto and bought from the fancy aisle rather than the cheap one!

First off, here is what you’ll need: affordable flat ornaments, craft scissors and any glue that dries clear (but not school glue). I found these ornaments at Wal-Mart, they bring them every year, and always add up new shapes and designs. They are very affordable at just $2.98 for a pack of 12; meaning we will get 6 fancy ornaments for just $2.98. Who doesn’t like a bargain?!

Pretty Stars

You will need 2 stars per ornament. The process is fairly simple, just cut an opening on the bottom of one and another opening on the top of the other. It’s the same concept we used when making paper stars as kids, only these look a lot better and are more sturdier.


Make sure the opening is big enough to interlace both stars, you want them tight not loose.


Once you have done that, just add some glue where the opening touches the other star. I wouldn’t advice adding glue before you interlace them just because you want to keep glue residue to a minimum. You just want to add enough glue to secure to ornaments together.


There you go! a fancy star ornament in less than 5 minutes!


Christmas Tree

You will need 2 trees per ornament to make 6 fancy ones.


Using a slightly different technique we will achieve the same result. There are some ornaments that can’t be cut like the previous one because they are held together by a common “thread”, and they will break in two. In that case, you will cut them in half from the start.

bUse hot glue, it dries almost immediately and it adds sturdiness to the ornament. Glue the two half’s onto the other ornament in order to achieve the same result as with the Pretty Stars.


If you’d like, you can even add more “half’s” to your tree to make it even prettier. In this case you will need to use 4 trees (1 whole and 3 cut in half) to achieve this look:


They actually sell ornaments like this one for $4 a piece with a crystal tear drop in the bottom!


Delicate Village

Christmas Villages always give your home a beautiful touch, but if you haven’t been collecting them for years… let’s just say you will spend a few bucks. This is a simple solution to a lasting simple village that can actually match with your tree décor! I chose the white village look (it will look beautiful by the window on a blanket of snow), but they come in all colors; aqua, violet, black, red, brown, etc.!


For this little project you’ll need a piece of cardboard or foam board, use what you have at home; I used foam board because I had some left over from a previous project. Cut a piece as long as your ornament and two smaller pieces to give it support on the sides. Make sure the bottom piece is wide enough to fit a tea light candle.


Glue the base and then attach the “Church” ornament to the front and back. Your end result is an elegant village of six for $2.98!


For a more elaborate village, use 4 ornaments instead of 2. Trim the edges off of two of them.


Cut a cardboard piece big enough for all four ornaments.


Glue the trimmed pieces first and then finish by gluing the front and back piece. You can use tea light candles or battery lights. Using four pieces per ornament will give you a village of 3 for $2.98!


Hope you find this useful! You can use these techniques and make your own unique ornaments! Don’t miss the next post for  a great project! Have a great week!


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