A New Kind of Snowman!

0ccacf234536d721e02d10329ffddf9bAnd so now we put away all things Fall and unto all things Winter! Of course, that also means all your pumpkins; unless your pumpkin is in excellent shape and like me, you feel a little guilty for throwing out a perfectly good un-eatable pumpkin! Last year our pumpkin lasted barely a week before it started rotting, this year I decided to try the “Soak in Clorox Water” method. Our mini pumpkin still didn’t last more than 2 weeks, but our “bigger” pumpkin is as good as new! And so there lies the dilemma, throwing it out would be wasteful, but eating it, is completely out of the question! …Crafting it is, and since in Florida there’s like zero possibilities of making a snowman, my pumpkin seemed like the next best thing!

Let’s go back a bit, this is our pumpkin back in October:


And this is our pumpkin now! Or, should I say snowman!


It’s actually fairly simple, all you need is: white craft or acrylic paint,  permanent black marker, and black paper (cardstock or construction paper would do). You can decorate the hat anyway you want, my advice is: look in your Christmas ornament bin and use those pieces at the bottom of the bin, something always falls apart no matter how careful you placed it last year! Need a little more help?! Here are some helpful tips/ideas:

Snowman Face:

You can actually go all out and paint a beautiful vintage face or choose a more simple look, either way I warranty you, it will look beautiful. With so many faces and styles to choose from, you can’t really go wrong, and if you make a mistake, just paint over with white and start again! Here are some ideas to inspire you!





Anything will work: a small carrot, button, felt, stick, etc. Search around your house and have fun!


Making the hat is pretty easy, I got the idea from this Pinterest Post

If you prefer, you could use the same pattern and stich together a felt hat instead of a paper hat. I would’ve gone that route but I honestly didn’t think of it until after I was done with my paper hat, by then Jaden had woken up from his nap, and that was the end of “Craft Time” for me! It shouldn’t take you more than 5 to 10 minutes tops to stich it together, plus, you can put it away and re-use it next year!

In case you are wondering why does it seem that my snowman’s hat has plastic around the edges, I can’t explain why it looks like that on the picture (lack of time didn’t allow me to take another one!) but I can tell you that in real life he has fake snow on his hat and it actually looks pretty cute!

Here are some inspiring ideas for those pumpkins!

Beautiful! Felt hat and bow tie!

Beautiful! Felt hat and bow tie! by Angelina Berg


Got more than one? Make a Snowman Centerpiece!


And of course Olaf has to be a pumpkin snowman too! He seems to be everywhere these days! by Crystal Owens


Simple is still nice!

After this, I will be more than happy to throw again my pumpkin guilt free! Enough with the pumpkins until next year! Don’t forget to post pictures of your projects in the comment section! Next post: “A Trip to the North Pole!”


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