A Trip to the North Pole!

Christmas it’s truly the best time of the year. How we celebrate it varies from family to family and it all comes down to our traditions. Whether they were passed down to us or we have started them ourselves, we find comfort in sharing them. I will admit that I am a Christmasholic and I’m eager to share with my son so many beautiful traditions in the years to come. Right now he is still too young to understand the true meaning of Christmas, but none the less we decided to start small.


It’s always hard to explain to kids which gifts are from Santa and which gifts are from mommy and daddy, grandma, etc. Or “Why did Santa leave my gifts at someone else house?” Another famous one is: “Isn’t that godmother’s handwriting on the label?” Since I’m always up to some sort of project I know Jaden will grow up seeing mom’s “tricks” left and right; I can fake any handwriting and I looove to wrap (and make) gifts for Christmas and he’ll know all of that by the time he’s 6! So…. how can I buy, make and wrap gifts in front of him without ruining the whole “Santa experience” for him? A crate specially delivered from the North Pole on Christmas Eve with the gifts from Santa! What ever is on the crate is from “Santa” and that way there’s no dilemma if he’s sees me putting something under the Christmas tree!

Now onto the crafting part…

Your materials will vary depending on the technique you choose to use. There’s are many ways of transferring unto wood, a Pinterest search will prove that, but I can tell you by experience that it can go either way: really easy with awesome results or totally frustrating and not worth your time. I’ve included some of the most popular ones along with some personal notes, you can also find them in my Pinterest Techniques Board.

Wax paper method. Simple enough if you can manage your printer to print without jamming the paper. Paper jams happen 9 out of 10 times and are serious enough to damage your printer.

Wax paper method. Simple enough if you can manage your printer to print without jamming the paper. Paper jams happen 9 out of 10 times and are serious enough to damage your printer.


You actually can use this method without the Spray Adhesive. The key here is transfer right away or the ink will dry. Paper jams are less frequent but likely.


ModgePodge Gel Medium method. Great way to transfer images if you don’t mind the white paper residue in your wood.


The success of this depends on the quality of your printer ink and/or paper. It works depending on your printer: laser printers work great for this but it doesn’t always work on inkjet printers.

If none of these work for you, there’s always the “good old hard way” of transferring images to wood: hand painting them. I know this might sound intimidating but surprisingly, hand painting my crate took me far less time to do, than all the time I spent fighting with my printer. After spending so much time designing my “North Pole Freight Co” logo, I was determined to see it on my crate, so I went old school and traced over the printed image with a carbon paper between my paper and the crate.



Once that was done (it took about 5 minutes tops), I grabbed my fine brush and some craft paint and started coloring my drawing. This part literally took me about 15 minutes that included Jaden climbing on top of me and me reading him two story books. The fact that you can still see the carbon trace lines trough the sleight was not intentional but totally adds charm to the image!

20141204_165416 20141205_152938

I couldn’t stop with the “North Pole Freight Co” logo, I had to add “North Pole Post Stamps” to my crate as well! I mean; it’s a special delivery after all! Originally I had planned to transfer these onto the crate, but when that didn’t work out, I figured I would print, cut and glue the “stamps” onto the crate. This actually turned out to be a great thing because now I have another new tradition! I have to designed new North Pole Post Stamps every year! -I did mentioned I was a Christmasholic didn’t I?!-



Looking back I can say this project would have taken me a total of 1 hour had I gone straight to hand painting from the beginning. Lesson learned? my printer is not as cooperative as I thought! Though I wasn’t successful at transferring my design by using some of these techniques, I do encourage you to give it a try, your printer might not be as temperamental as mine! If you manage to print on wax or freezer paper, your possibilities are endless!

Next year we’ll add “Santa’s footprints” near the box! Until then all I have to worry about it’s where to hide the crate during the rest of the year! And in case you are interested, here is the printable file to our 2014 North Pole Post Stamps!


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