Gift Wrapping Made Simple!

One of the many things I love about Christmas is the abundance of gift wrapping, yeah there are other occasions during the year were you wrap gifts, but during Christmas, you get to wrap “tons” of gifts! I’m sure that I probably stunned a couple of people with that statement because not everybody enjoys this, but the truth is that when you give a gift, presentation is key. It just means you cared enough to take a couple of minutes and tried your best, nobody expects you to deliver professional results, but nobody likes careless wrapping either! For me wrapping a gift is therapeutic! I just enjoy finding new ways of folding paper or making a bow, if it was up to me I would set up a “Neighborhood Gift Wrapping Center”! I’ve added a new Pinterest Board under the name of “Gifts” to help you out with simple, original ideas to wrapping gifts not just for Christmas but through out the year. Long and forgotten are the days that nice gift wrapping was only done at Macys!


Repurpose an old sweater or anything knitted! Beautiful, elegant & simple!

"Gift wrapping is not the problem is the bows!" No worries, a roll of yarn will do wonders!

“Gift wrapping is not the problem is the bows!” No worries, a roll of yarn will do wonders!


“Gift wrapping paper is so last decade!” Then packing paper it is; it only cost $1!


No time to shop for everybody? If baking is your thing, check out this Printable Template  to wrap cookies!


“Gifts Cards for everybody!” Sure, why not, but… do you have to put it in a card? Now that is definitely “last decade”! Try something fun!


Now who doesn’t like cash?! Switch the chocolates for dollar bills and insist they open the box! The look on their face is totally Facebook worthy!


Now what is a party without a good bottle of wine?! Here’s another use for that sweater you got last year, plus check out more ideas on my Pinterest Gifts Board.


Need a gift box? Do you have some cereal in the house?!


Want to give bow making one more try?! The link to this tutorial is no longer available but the pictures are actually pretty straight forward.



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