A Personal Touch to a Boring Office Desk

When it comes to workspaces, you can always put them in one of three categories:

  1. plain/boring with absolutely no personal touch what so ever
  2. over the top with way to much of everything or
  3. the ones that make you go “Wow…I wish my desk looked like that” with just the right amount of stuff

I recently visited my husbands new office and I realized that he was on the first category, so I decided to help him out. He really doesn’t have much usable wall space since his wall are covered with eraser boards (I guess financial people need a lot of space for numbers!) so I had to stick to something simple. I like the idea of pinning photographs on a frame with clothes pins, but I though I make it a bit more useful. 2ff2f4ece035fca7d5f20e68a236d3d8 I don’t usually buy picture frames at the dollar store, but for the nature of this project, it was the way to go. I choose the biggest frame they had (“Certificate” frame), and got rid of the glass. I had some 12″x12″ cork tiles left over from a previous project and some decorative clothes pins I had gotten on clearance for $0.50, so I had everything I needed! 20141221_154459 I used some white twine and created three “clothes lines”,  then I glued them to the back of the cork tile and proceeded to seal the back of the frame with some black construction paper. Just like they do to seal paintings, prints and portraits.


Check out the link for Framing Instructions.

That’s it! It works perfectly to hang pictures and drawings, and if he runs out of clothes pins he can always use the cork board! It literary took me less than 10 minutes to complete this tiny project! This frame is pretty simple because he likes simple things, but if you are doing this as a gift or for yourself, decorate the frame with anything that brings a smile to your face! It’s all about personal touches!


In my search for inspiration I came across these simple yet totally personable ideas that you can use for your self or as a gifts. Check them out!


With such a big variety of decorative buttons available at the craft store, this can be as chick or as manly as you want it to be!


Perfect touch for a professional look!


Totally chick!


You can actually use mini bow ties instead of bows for a manly look! P.S. don’t stress your self trying to make miniature bows, they are extremely cheap at your craft store.


Never forget a personalized Clipboard!

What is a desk without your own coffee mug?! Here are two techniques you can use to personalize an ordinary mug:

dd3366f61b6f6b1a64f6a51b60d5925e c37ccac0c1890651eae0b241d8013a7b


I’m saving this one for my new desk! Why limit your self to a small mouse pad?! Go big and personal!


A Set of Personalized Folders!

Or something as simple as a care free plant!


Take your pick and share your own ideas! April 22nd is National Administrative Day so you got plenty of time to start working on a gift!


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