The Wonders of Moving!

After months of showings, staging’s and endless cleaning we finally Sold our house! We are on the verge of Closing on our new home but I wanted to briefly share with you where we’ve been and where we are. Moving with a two-year old is no easy task, but it’s definitely an experience I’ll always remember! Who knew a two-year old could have so many things, I swear it felt like he had more things than both my husband and I together!

That being said, I will tell you that under no other circumstance would my house ever look like this! It was a complete disaster! Even my son would wake up in the morning asking to leave and go to “Abu’s House” (grandma’s house)! But then again, when is moving a neat affair?!



Presently all are stuff is still loaded on the truck, but at least we are half way there, I have no intentions on going crazy to unpack everything as quickly as possible. We’ll start with closets first and then one room at a time, stay tuned for lot’s of projects to come! If you or someone you know will be moving anything soon, here are some helping links to some awesome tips!

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know


A Quick Tip on Painting and Patching Walls


And of course:

The 10 Commandments of Moving!


See you next week when we tackle our closets!

Have a great weekend!


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