Move-In Ready Closet Part 2


…and that is why a woman’s closet never seems to be big enough! Space is always needed because we never have something to wear, or we can’t find the right shoes! Designing my closet was rather easy because I was under the illusion that I didn’t have much clothes and I was going to have plenty of empty space to add to my wardrobe later. A soon realized I had way too many clothes and a shopping spree is totally out of the question! Here is my closet:




I went with two Billy Bookcase (the same one we used in my husbands closet) which I used for jeans, shorts and tank-tops, I decided not to stack them because I wanted as much hanging space as possible.



I have tons of sandals and no matter how I organize them, it’s never a clean look. Hanging sandals in a closet rod never occurred to me, here are two similar ideas I found:


Using infant size hangers


Using wire hangers

I loved the first idea but decided for regular adult size hangers instead, it seemed more cost efficient since the package brings 20 hangers for $1.18. Aesthetics are important if you are looking for a clean designer look, a standard white rod will work and look perfect.  Don’t waste your money on heavy duty or wooden rods, since you are hanging sandals weight is not an issue, of course, if you happen to run into a sale go for it! Hanging your sandals on a rod not only keeps them visible and organized, it also makes use of that empty space underneath your clothes without making it hard to vacuum or clean the floor! Here’s my take!



So how about my other shoes?! Remember the ClosetMaid Horizontal Stackable Organizer I used on my husbands closet? Affordable and nice looking solution for any flats, sneakers or small boots.



And of course, what is a girls closet without heals?! There are cool ways to display your heals, some require space and some make good use of space:


Use a Bookcase (by

Use Crown molding

Use Crown molding

Both are great ideas. If you have the space: a bookcase would work, if you have the cash to spare: molding looks awesome! In my case I loved the idea of the molding but I wasn’t trilled about buying a plank of molding for $25 for shoes (if you have some left-overs go for it!). I decided to go with good old Brass-Plated Cup Hooks. At $4.46 for a pack of 25 it was a reasonable price that worked for me. My dad (my always on call and hands on handyman!) had the great idea to open up the hook a bit more to make it easier to hang all sort of heals. We used anchors to make sure the hooks would stay put on the dry wall, you really don’t want your heals falling down on you! He even made me, my own reach pole with an old wood broom stick and a brass cup hook! I don’t really use my heals all that much so putting them up on the wall was a great way to use the other wise empty space, it’s kind of hard to keep up with a two year old when you are wearing 3 inch heals! They are also great to hang beach totes on top of the closet door!



Scarfs falling all over the floor are a thing of the past with an Ikea Cable Management rack! It’s all about shopping with an open mind!


Our laundry came with a single shelve, we took it down (I have other plans for that space stay tunned!) and re-used it as a second shelve for my closet. All I had to do was get new wall brackets and for $10 I had another shelve for purses and beach wear. Diaper boxes are great for organizing and I will be covered them with fabric later on. I finally found my fabrics among all my bins but I’m tackling bigger projects first.



So there you have it! A tour around my closet!









Remember that at the end of the day, you can take any idea out there and make it work for you and your budget, shop with an open mind and you’ll be surprise with what you can achieve!  I’ll see you next week: A Toddler’s Room to Grow!


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