Move-In Ready Closet Part 2


…and that is why a woman’s closet never seems to be big enough! Space is always needed because we never have something to wear, or we can’t find the right shoes! Designing my closet was rather easy because I was under the illusion that I didn’t have much clothes and I was going to have plenty of empty space to add to my wardrobe later. A soon realized I had way too many clothes and a shopping spree is totally out of the question! Here is my closet:




I went with two Billy Bookcase (the same one we used in my husbands closet) which I used for jeans, shorts and tank-tops, I decided not to stack them because I wanted as much hanging space as possible.



I have tons of sandals and no matter how I organize them, it’s never a clean look. Hanging sandals in a closet rod never occurred to me, here are two similar ideas I found:


Using infant size hangers


Using wire hangers

I loved the first idea but decided for regular adult size hangers instead, it seemed more cost efficient since the package brings 20 hangers for $1.18. Aesthetics are important if you are looking for a clean designer look, a standard white rod will work and look perfect.  Don’t waste your money on heavy duty or wooden rods, since you are hanging sandals weight is not an issue, of course, if you happen to run into a sale go for it! Hanging your sandals on a rod not only keeps them visible and organized, it also makes use of that empty space underneath your clothes without making it hard to vacuum or clean the floor! Here’s my take!



So how about my other shoes?! Remember the ClosetMaid Horizontal Stackable Organizer I used on my husbands closet? Affordable and nice looking solution for any flats, sneakers or small boots.



And of course, what is a girls closet without heals?! There are cool ways to display your heals, some require space and some make good use of space:


Use a Bookcase (by

Use Crown molding

Use Crown molding

Both are great ideas. If you have the space: a bookcase would work, if you have the cash to spare: molding looks awesome! In my case I loved the idea of the molding but I wasn’t trilled about buying a plank of molding for $25 for shoes (if you have some left-overs go for it!). I decided to go with good old Brass-Plated Cup Hooks. At $4.46 for a pack of 25 it was a reasonable price that worked for me. My dad (my always on call and hands on handyman!) had the great idea to open up the hook a bit more to make it easier to hang all sort of heals. We used anchors to make sure the hooks would stay put on the dry wall, you really don’t want your heals falling down on you! He even made me, my own reach pole with an old wood broom stick and a brass cup hook! I don’t really use my heals all that much so putting them up on the wall was a great way to use the other wise empty space, it’s kind of hard to keep up with a two year old when you are wearing 3 inch heals! They are also great to hang beach totes on top of the closet door!



Scarfs falling all over the floor are a thing of the past with an Ikea Cable Management rack! It’s all about shopping with an open mind!


Our laundry came with a single shelve, we took it down (I have other plans for that space stay tunned!) and re-used it as a second shelve for my closet. All I had to do was get new wall brackets and for $10 I had another shelve for purses and beach wear. Diaper boxes are great for organizing and I will be covered them with fabric later on. I finally found my fabrics among all my bins but I’m tackling bigger projects first.



So there you have it! A tour around my closet!









Remember that at the end of the day, you can take any idea out there and make it work for you and your budget, shop with an open mind and you’ll be surprise with what you can achieve!  I’ll see you next week: A Toddler’s Room to Grow!


Move-In Ready Closet

It’s been almost a month since our last posting, and I will say it’s been a very long and exhausting one. Long story short: our closing got delayed, we had a fully loaded U-Haul truck parked for 8 days and it  wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to actually put some of our clothes in our dressers! It’s been a tough couple of weeks but we are here to stay and ready to share with your our projects! Here’s our new home!


Now, called me naïve but I had this idea that since it was a brand new home it was just a matter of a few personal touches here and there. For me, “Move-In Ready” meant exactly that! Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way complaining but it was sort of a surprise that most new houses don’t even bring towel or toilet paper racks! And so there went our first couple of days in the house… The closets in all the rooms came with a single ClosetMaid shelve, as sturdy as they are, one shelve is definitively not enough and can totally rob you from precious space. Take my husbands closet for example:



It’s an ackward space to take pictures of, and it looks a lot bigger on paper than what it is in person, but I needed to make sure it fitted all his stuff so he wouldn’t invade my closet, that meant we had to use every wall and empty space in the closet. There’s many things out there that can work as closet organizers that won’t break your budget, it’s a matter of having an open mind and “looking” around before you buy. I found that internet web searches didn’t help much with this, simply because in-stores sales usually don’t end up in the web.

IKEA vs ClosetMaid Cubes

  • Yes, IKEA furniture can sometimes be time consuming to assemble, but their “cubes” took me literally 20 minutes to put together.
  • ClosetMaid units can be found pretty much everywhere you go and they are very inexpensive. They come in different sizes and can be found anywhere from $9.97, one thing to keep in mind is that they are stackable so one might not be enough.
  • They are both made of composite wood yet IKEA’s is way stronger and durable.
  • ClosetMaid stackable units are design to fit most closets but their inner shelves only have a nice smooth finish on one side. It might not be a deal breaker for some people but it’s hard to miss the unfinished composite wood side on the upper shelves.
  • Price wise IKEA is a bit more, but you are getting a stronger more durable unit. It also depends on which furniture line/style you choose. We went for the BILLY Bookcase because it was on sale ($24.99) and it was sturdier than cubes.

Our first stop was creating more hanging space. We carefully removed the “half shelve” (not to damage the wall) and installed two rods with a separation of about 45″ apart, my husband is 5’11” so it was perfect for him.


There was still a good amount of space between the original shelve and the roof, so we added another shelve rack of six feet ($8.97) right above it. P.S. All folding and hanging was courtesy of my husband!



Though you could stack IKEA units, we needed the hanging space so we decided to just use one BILLY Bookcase. I found some really nice fabric boxes at the dollar store and used them to store socks, they add quite a manly elegant touch to the cubes! We also bought two ClosetMaid Horizontal Stackable Organizers (each $9.97) and used them to organize some of my husbands shoes. You will notice the Overnight Huggies box on the top shelve, diaper boxes make great sturdy organizing “baskets”, all you have to do is cover them up with a fabric of your choice. For now they’ll remain like that because my fabrics and supplies are still boxed up, we’ll be doing this later!

What is a men’s closet without a tie rack?! I saw this Pin and fell in love with how organized and elegant all the ties looked!

Look closely though, it’s mainly a piece of wood with nails and plastic “tips”. I already had wood and paint in the garage, and we had plenty of nails, I bought ClosetMaid Caps for $0.97 and a rubber coating spray ($3.98) to coat the nails prior to glueing the caps on. The spray safeguards your ties incase the nails rust, plus it makes for a smooth surface for delicate fabrics. Then I painted it with a Semi-Gloss white paint I had, once it was dried I glued the caps with E6000 (steal and rubber might reject other glues). 


They whole project literally cost me less than $5 and it looks awesome!



Closets are one of those places you can’t avoid in your house! A well organized closet will save you grieve later on, and the best part is you don’t have to pay top dollars for somebody to make it for you! Here are two other great ideas that I wasn’t able to incorporate in the closet but they might prove usefull to you!


Jeans on Shower Hooks


by BHG

Next stop my closet!


The Wonders of Moving!

After months of showings, staging’s and endless cleaning we finally Sold our house! We are on the verge of Closing on our new home but I wanted to briefly share with you where we’ve been and where we are. Moving with a two-year old is no easy task, but it’s definitely an experience I’ll always remember! Who knew a two-year old could have so many things, I swear it felt like he had more things than both my husband and I together!

That being said, I will tell you that under no other circumstance would my house ever look like this! It was a complete disaster! Even my son would wake up in the morning asking to leave and go to “Abu’s House” (grandma’s house)! But then again, when is moving a neat affair?!



Presently all are stuff is still loaded on the truck, but at least we are half way there, I have no intentions on going crazy to unpack everything as quickly as possible. We’ll start with closets first and then one room at a time, stay tuned for lot’s of projects to come! If you or someone you know will be moving anything soon, here are some helping links to some awesome tips!

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know


A Quick Tip on Painting and Patching Walls


And of course:

The 10 Commandments of Moving!


See you next week when we tackle our closets!

Have a great weekend!

Be your own Fashion Designer!

After a month absence, I’m finally here to say… WE ARE FINALLY MOVING!! Lord willing, we will be closing on both houses next week, thus the reason for my absence the last few weeks. I’ve been dying to post but it has been so crazy I’ve barely had a chance to sit. But now that I’m finally on track with all the packing and preparations I’m eager to share with you this next chapter: Home Projects!! But before we start with those (we’ll get to that next week!) I’ll share with you this post I had drafted nearly a month ago, I just never got around to adding pics (until now), but here it is…

Remember the trill of going shopping for a party dress?! Maybe it’s me, but the idea of having to walk the entire mall looking for something specific to wear, is more daunting than ever. My soon to be two year old behaves like a champ, but it’s still exhausting not to mention frustrating to go store after store looking for something and not only not find it, but also not like a single thing. Is nice to keep up with fashion trends, but what do you do when the trends are just plain and simple not you? Or when what you really like happens to cost an arm and a leg?! We are left with a pickle of choices:

A. Buy that ridiculously expensive piece because it’s the only thing you like, even though you know you’ll regret it later. Hopefully nobody will spill something on you and you’ll be able to return it after the party.

B. Buy the current fashion trend, at least you’ll look “fashionable”… even though you hate it. You most likely will give it away later or who knows, maybe it will grown on you… maybe! or

C. Buy what ever! It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, or whether it’s trendy or fashionable, what ever fits and it’s affordable goes. “It’s only for one night anyways”


If you happen to own a sewing machine, don’t fret the situation, you might not be a “Pro” but with a little help and practice, you’ll be good enough to make yourself what you envisioned. The awesome thing about sewing for yourself is that nobody knows how your piece looks on the inside what matters is how it looks on the outside! Yes, I know, horrible advise- but if you start with this in mind, you will be less harsh on yourself and more likely to finish your piece. Perfection takes time and practice, you’ll get the insides looking as nice as your outside with time! Don’t know how to sew? No worries! You can find all sorts of excellent tutorials online, and machines now a day’s make it easy for any beginner. I’ve been sewing here and there since my early teens, but I’ve always had a hard time with sheers, chiffon’s, lace, etc. which is a problem because I LOVE sheers and laces. When I didn’t find what I was looking for, I took the challenge of -one week, a toddler and an upcoming wedding- and designed my own “designer skirt”! This is what I had in mind when I went to the mall, a simple outfit:


If you think of it, it is as simple as it gets: a plain fitted black top and a free flowing sheer skirt with a slit! Maxi’s are in style right? I should have been able to find at least one of the two pieces at the mall, but I must’ve been on the wrong mall! I couldn’t even find a website where I could buy the skirt! After spending hours doing web searches, I decided to make it. I made a trip to Joann with coupons on hand and bought fabric, thread and needles. The key to successfully sewing lace, shears and chifons is definitely the needle, not all needles are alike and the right needle makes a huge difference, no jams what so ever!


These worked out like a charm! They are meant for lightweight sheer fabrics.

I found this awesome link with simple straight forward tutorials on how to properly sew “transparent” (laces, chiffons, etc.) fabrics. If you ever venture into sewing delicate fabrics you have to keep this for reference! It is originally posted in Spanish but the translations were added right underneath each paragraph through out the tutorial so it’s easy to follow. Follow the tips and you’ll be sewing like a “Pro” in no time!

If you need a pattern, you could buy one at the store or find one for free online. I found a couple of helpful sites that show you how to properly cut your skirt, I ended up making my own design since they weren’t exactly what I was looking for but they are great references for future sewing projects!


Tons of different patterns, check it out!


Great illustration, gives an idea of how much fabric you’ll need to achieve your specific look.

Circular Skirts

How to cut a Circular Skirt


Variety of Skirt Molds by ArtecomQuiane


Ready for a twist?! Check out these, a simple change makes a big difference!

It literally took me about 4 days to finish it (of course, keep in mind I have a toddler that is way to eager to get in trouble!) but it was easy and worth it. I got lot’s of complements the night of the party and the best thing was that I felt absolutely comfortable! I’ve added a couple of pictures below, please forgive the model (me) she is a little rusty on the whole modeling thing!


Moral of the story: don’t compromise taste and style because you can’t afford it or you can’t find what you are looking for! When it comes to fashion, there’s always a way of making it happen without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I only spent about $30 including the top and felt and looked like million dollars! So the next time you are looking for a specific outfit and can’t find it, try your hand at designing your own! Of course you’ll need a back up plan just in case, but don’t cross it out, you might surprise yourself with your own version of designer clothes! Besides, nobody will know you made it unless you tell them! Until next week when I’ll welcome you to our moving adventure!

OMG I Knitted!

I’ve always admire knitters, it is amazing the things they make, not to mention the patience and dedication they put into their work. I didn’t grow up around any knitters and know as an adult I really don’t have the patience or time to learn, or so I thought! I kept seen on Pinterest on “How to Knit a Scarf in 30 minutes even if you are an Amateur”, it seemed interesting but I was skeptical, would this be one of those “Good Ideas, Bad Ideas?” …I dismissed it for a while but desperate times called for desperate measures! You see I have this tendency (or need) to learn a new skill when ever life gets overwhelming, its my way of pulling away and letting my mind breath. With constant house showings during Jaden’s nap time and not knowing what comes next, I took the challenge to learn how to knit. You might be wondering when would I find the time to learn?! Well, that’s the miracle behind a toddlers 1 to 2 hours nap!

Like everything else, there are tons of tutorials out there, but everybody learns and teaches differently and sometimes finding the right tutorial can be a buzz kill on it’s own. I’ll share with you what I found.

Arm Knitting

The majority of the tutorials out there claim that you can get this done in 30 minutes to one hour, the truth is: if you’ve done it before -yes-, but if you are a newbie: no way! It took me a couple of “naps” just to figure out the technique let alone start the project, but once I figured it out it became extremely easy since it’s a repetitive process. It’s actually fun and pretty cool I must say! At one point I even considered making scarfs for everybody for Christmas! …I quickly woke up from that day dream though!

Out of all the DIY tutorials, this Video Tutorial was actually the most helpful, specially when she switches perspective and you can see it as if you were the one doing it.

They all recommend that when arm knitting you should use bulky yarn (that’s why it looks so full and nice), living in South Florida I really have no use for a thick woolly scarf, so I decided to try it with a more thinner “fresher looking” yarn. I honestly know nothing when it comes to yarn, I just bought based on touch/feel and price.


I’ll admit it looks different from the bulky infinity scarfs but it is something I can wear in Florida and I can proudly say I knitted it in about three hours! (Thanks to a good nap and The Wiggles!)




If you are interested there are other things you can do with arm knitting; like blankets and shawls, check out this Site for more Free Patterns!

Finger Knitting


The one thing that attracted me to this technique was the fact that almost all tutorials show kids of all ages doing it. It seems it is a common craft for children, though I’ll admit I’ve never heard of it before. I literally learned how to do this in about 30 minutes, I was so happy with my quick progress and speed that it wasn’t until I was half way through knitting my rope that I started to wonder: “what am I suppose to do with this?!”

I stopped and went straight to Pinterest looking for clues as to what to do with my rope. I couldn’t find many projects related to this, I considered making it into a bowl (we will be doing this on a later post) but I was afraid it wouldn’t survived the whole moving process once we sell the house (yeap, still working on that!). I really didn’t want to make another scarf but I couldn’t think of anything else. I used this other Tutorial to make the rope into a scarf (it’s pretty much the same process as with arm knitting) minus the pompoms!


Here is my finished product! I love how delicate it looks, it’s extremely soft and surprisingly not hot like most knitted scarfs, it’s perfect for Florida weather!



You can also make a vintage looking necklace out of the rope, I’ll be doing this next time!


The yarn you choose has a lot to do with how delicate or ordinary your final product looks. Once more I went for thin, soft, delicate yarn but this time with a hint of shine to it. My advise is, go with a yarn that appeals to your sense of touch and style. The yarns suggested by most tutorials are what you should use, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get it wrong if you choose something else, it just means it will look different and who knows if better!


But then again, this is my first time knitting! Still not sure about knitting?! How about yarn crafting! Here are some cool DIY Ideas!


Yarn Doll


Yarn Bowl


Yarn Lantern

See you next week!

St. Patrick’s Day Top Picks

Just a week ago we celebrated Valentine’s Day, and not too long ago Christmas, it seems like the New Year goes from Holiday to Holiday! But don’t worry, you’ll get a short break right after Memorial Day! Being festive has nothing to do with spending money, it’s just a conscious choice you make as part of being thankful for all the blessings around you. Holiday’s are the perfect time to spread and share a little joy regardless of the Season.

Historically speaking St. Patrick’s Day has little to do with Leprechauns and mischief’s, it’s origins are more cultural and religious though most people just think of it as: the day you wear green and get drunk. No matter what inspires you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, just remember that spending money is totally optional and that you can be festive while spending little to no money. I’ve compiled some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day Celebration ideas from around the web to inspire you to be festive and share a little joy!

Sweet Shamrock Treats

Whether for a party or as giveaways at work or school, these are easy enough to make and are bound to impress!


Make use of all those Valentine’s Day chocolates!

Hershey Kisses anybody?!

Hershey Kisses anybody?!

They say popcorn is good for you!

They say popcorn is good for you!

Simple House Decor

It would be nice to have a wreath for every ocassion (though I’m not sure where I would put them!), it really isn’t expensive to make beautiful wreaths, just stay away from the ready to hang ones sold at local stores! For example this first wreath is simple, cute and colorful; and most importantly can be made for about $8 dollars or less. Check out the link for the complete tutorial and when ever possible buy your materials at your local Dollar Store. Use a pool noodle for your foam wreath, use sewing pins instead of beads (which ever you have available or is cheaper) and use left over straps of burlap from previous projects!

Have any burlap straps left over?!

Have any burlap straps left over?!

This wreath is another example of beautiful simplicity! You couldn’t even tell that it’s made of fabric scraps and a wire hanger!


How about gold nuggets for the garden?! They sell these polished river stones at the Dollar Store and who doesn’t have glitter stashed somewhere in the house?!


A Little Mischief!

I will tell you the truth, I’m really not a prankster, my funny bone comes from corkyness rather than silliness, as much as I try, I just can’t tell a joke! Pranks are not always tasteful, and must of the time they are just plain wrong. I wouldn’t dare do this to anybody, who want’s to clean a windshield while running late for work? That would certainly be the end of the joke right then and there! Kid’s in the other hand are sure to enjoy these and smile all day long. I can’t wait until my little guy is old enough to do these at home! …though the elves would make any adult smile too!


You have to admit it looks pretty cool!


No clue as to where did these creepy elfs came from! My guess is they are home made, couldn’t find any links to it.

st pats day mischief a

Leprechaun foot prints Tutorial

Irish Blessings




Have a great week!

Burlap Canvas DIY!

Burlap seems to be everywhere now a days: Christmas trees, wreaths, pillows, curtains, flowers, baskets…you name it! It’s funny because not so long ago, it was a last resort itchy fabric used for Indian and scare crow costumes! Burlap and linen canvases are attention magnets on their own, their natural color and texture requires very little done to add elegance to any home or office decor. The problem is that -as all things “new”- they are a little over priced, provided that you keep in mind that you are buying burlap not silk!

Online you will find advertisements for burlap canvas ranging from $0.79 to even $1.09 on Clearance. Great right?! But don’t be fooled, the all say “Available in Store Only”, and there is no such thing in the store; is more like $5.99 for a single 5×7 burlap canvas vs $4.99 for a pack of two white stretch canvas of the same size. It gets worse when it comes to linen canvases: $8.99 for a single canvas of the same size! Remember, we are talking about one single, non professional grade canvas. I’m not cheap, I just value my money and I’ll pay the set price for a professional grade canvas for my paintings, but some craft projects don’t need a $25 canvas if you get what I mean! So, what can we do?!

We can wait for those wonderful 50% off a regular price item + 20% off your entire purchase coupons we love so much, or we can make our own! Here’s how:


  • Laminated burlap roll

Laminated burlap has a thin plastic coating on the back that makes it a little more stiff. It’s perfect for printing purposes and is more durable. If you cant find it, no worries, buy a yard of regular burlap and some Freezer Paper, follow this simple tutorial and you will have laminated burlap of any size for any use!


  • Wood frame

You can either build a frame using a 1×2″ board, or simply buy an unfinished wood frame at your local craft store. Your frame should be a simple “wood” (basswood or pine) frame. Plastic, metal or pressed wood frames will not work for this purpose and it would be a waste to use a decorative frame since you will be covering it.


Cost: $1.00

  • Staple gun

Make sure your staples are not longer than the width of your wood, you wouldn’t want them showing up on the opposite side of your frame! A regular office stapler is not strong enough for this project.

  • Glue

I used wood glue, but if you’d like you can use any strong glue. Remember you are working with a thick fabric that doesn’t absorb the glue as easy, regular craft glue might not be strong enough to hold it down.

  • White Cardstock

Covering the back of your new canvas is optional. If your edges are perfectly trimmed you can leave it as is.


  1. First cut a piece of burlap big enough to cover your frame. Leave enough room to fold the burlap over the back of the frame, you can trim excess later. 20150210_160042
  2. Remove the cardboard piece from your frame, you don’t want a strangers face showing through your work! You could leave it off, but you’ll notice that you can see through the canvas, if that is not a problem continue to step 3. Use a piece of white cardboard instead, that way your canvas will look better front and back. 20150210_160110
  3. Now is time to staple the burlap. Make sure it is as straight as possible, you can see a cricket burlap canvas long before you can see the artwork on it! Staple on side first, stretch it as much as possible and staple the opposite side. You have to make sure your canvas is stretch before stapling. 20150210_161353
  4. Once you are done with that side fold the corners nicely and stretch and staple the other side. Do one side at a time; stretch then staple.
  5. Trim any excess. It’s ok if you have areas that are not 100% perfect, you can always cover them up. 20150210_161811
  6. When covering the back of your canvas you have two choices: partial or full coverage. I went for the partial coverage with the purpose of making it easier to hang. I just cut 4 even strips of white cardstock and glued them. Half of my strip cover the burlap and the other half the frame, that way it not only looks good but it secures the burlap ends. 20150210_162356
  7. In order for the cardstock to dry flat (not buckled) I put the canvas in a home-made book binding press and left it for about an hour (that’s how long the wood glue needs to bind). Then I removed it and left it to completely dry over night. You can use anything from heavy books to a couple of wine bottles to keep it pressed, the heavier the better. 20150210_163221

That’s it! A home-made burlap canvas that cost only $2.46 and I still have enough burlap left to make 2-3 more canvases depending on the size!


You can use this technique to create all sort of fabric or linen canvases, so next time you see a piece of fabric with an awesome print, make a frame and hang it! This is my canvas put to use:


Have fun! See you next week!