St. Patrick’s Day Top Picks

Just a week ago we celebrated Valentine’s Day, and not too long ago Christmas, it seems like the New Year goes from Holiday to Holiday! But don’t worry, you’ll get a short break right after Memorial Day! Being festive has nothing to do with spending money, it’s just a conscious choice you make as part of being thankful for all the blessings around you. Holiday’s are the perfect time to spread and share a little joy regardless of the Season.

Historically speaking St. Patrick’s Day has little to do with Leprechauns and mischief’s, it’s origins are more cultural and religious though most people just think of it as: the day you wear green and get drunk. No matter what inspires you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, just remember that spending money is totally optional and that you can be festive while spending little to no money. I’ve compiled some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day Celebration ideas from around the web to inspire you to be festive and share a little joy!

Sweet Shamrock Treats

Whether for a party or as giveaways at work or school, these are easy enough to make and are bound to impress!


Make use of all those Valentine’s Day chocolates!

Hershey Kisses anybody?!

Hershey Kisses anybody?!

They say popcorn is good for you!

They say popcorn is good for you!

Simple House Decor

It would be nice to have a wreath for every ocassion (though I’m not sure where I would put them!), it really isn’t expensive to make beautiful wreaths, just stay away from the ready to hang ones sold at local stores! For example this first wreath is simple, cute and colorful; and most importantly can be made for about $8 dollars or less. Check out the link for the complete tutorial and when ever possible buy your materials at your local Dollar Store. Use a pool noodle for your foam wreath, use sewing pins instead of beads (which ever you have available or is cheaper) and use left over straps of burlap from previous projects!

Have any burlap straps left over?!

Have any burlap straps left over?!

This wreath is another example of beautiful simplicity! You couldn’t even tell that it’s made of fabric scraps and a wire hanger!


How about gold nuggets for the garden?! They sell these polished river stones at the Dollar Store and who doesn’t have glitter stashed somewhere in the house?!


A Little Mischief!

I will tell you the truth, I’m really not a prankster, my funny bone comes from corkyness rather than silliness, as much as I try, I just can’t tell a joke! Pranks are not always tasteful, and must of the time they are just plain wrong. I wouldn’t dare do this to anybody, who want’s to clean a windshield while running late for work? That would certainly be the end of the joke right then and there! Kid’s in the other hand are sure to enjoy these and smile all day long. I can’t wait until my little guy is old enough to do these at home! …though the elves would make any adult smile too!


You have to admit it looks pretty cool!


No clue as to where did these creepy elfs came from! My guess is they are home made, couldn’t find any links to it.

st pats day mischief a

Leprechaun foot prints Tutorial

Irish Blessings




Have a great week!


A Valentine’s Day Kinda Breakfast!

Not everything has to be chocolates and sweets on Valentine’s Day. How about a breakfast fit for a queen or king?! Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, most of us should have time to sit down and enjoy a good breakfast before the day’s task. I’m a soccer for a good breakfast. I like to change it up and try new things, these are my favorite breakfast recipes and they go from healthy to plain all guilty pleasures! They are all easy and quick to make -that’s kind of a “must have” around here!- and they have direct links to their original sources, so check them out!

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Okay, so I’m really not into the whole “Paleo” thing, but I wanted to try a couple of recipes, specially something with “coconut flour”! I mean… you can’t go wrong with coconut! I used regular (not organic or grass fead) butter and coconut oil and the results were AMAZING! You got to try this!

Paleo “Oatmeal”

Seriously, we don’t do Paleo but they sure have some good healthy recipes! We go through a Quaker Oats BJ’s size box every two month or so, meaning we eat oatmeal almost every other day. Why not try something new?! This is an interesting recipe that I’ll admit is not for everyone, but if your loved one likes healthy eating you should try it. We didn’t like the version with bananas (No Eggs Version), but the Egg Version it’s good, of course I added some Cool Whip on top!

 Cream Cheese Pancakes

Now to the not so healthy breakfast… Both me and my little guy love packages, my husband not so much but he is officially outnumbered! You would think that these would be heavy since they have cream cheese, but surprisingly enough they are extremely light! I’m not sure calories wise but is one guilty pleasure you will be glad you’d tried, just go easy on the syrup!

Breakfast Bake

But of course you gotta have eggs! This recipe is bound to be a repeat in your house (if you like eggs that is), is extremely simple and it packs lots of flavor. You can prepare it the night before in about 10 to 15 minutes and bake it the next morning, it does need about one hour to bake though. Depending on your household, you might even have breakfast left for the next day. Whether for Valentines or Mother’s Day, this one is a keeper!

Guilty Pleasures

I’ll admit that I haven’t had a chance to try these next two, but they are on my list of recipes to make, and since chocolate is undoubtedly part of Valentine’s Day, why not?!

Or you can just make a good all Cup A Joe!

Here’s a video link on How to Pour A Heart on your coffee or latte, good luck!

See you next week!


Projects Completed!

No matter how much you plan and prepare yourself for the Holidays, it never fails to creep up on you! I mean, can you believe Christmas is just 5 days away?! Wow… it just seems like the year started yesterday! .

It’s only been 11 days since my last posting, but it’s been so hectic that it feels like I’ve neglected you for longer than that! I beat myself up when I can’t post twice a week like I had planned to, but I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to. Between painting frames as gifts and a big Christmas order with just 8 days to complete and deliver, I will tell you I’m happy to be able to lay back and have some Coquito* while looking at the big pile of already wrapped gifts! Here are some of my Christmas Projects/Gifts!


Hand Painted Nail & Thread Art on solid wood. This one is for our bedroom in our new house but it will be available in my shop by January!

This was an order for 130 Tags/Greeting Cards to be done and deliver in 8 days! That’s including individualized mailing address labels for each 130!

20141218_210050 20141218_210308


Hand Painted Irish Blessing on Canvas. Perfect gift for anyone with an Irish background!


Another Hand Painted Nail & Thread Art on solid wood. I had so much fun using this technique I had to make a gift out of it!


A sweet little gift for the new baby! Hand Painted on Canvas.


There’s a gift for every personality! Hand Painted on a canvas.

I promise to have my shop ready by next year, right now is a work in progress! Enjoy all your Christmas parties and preparations! See you next week!

*In case you were wondering, “Coquito” is a national Puertorrican Holiday drink made with coconut and rum among other things, it’s 10 times better than eggnog!

Gift Wrapping Made Simple!

One of the many things I love about Christmas is the abundance of gift wrapping, yeah there are other occasions during the year were you wrap gifts, but during Christmas, you get to wrap “tons” of gifts! I’m sure that I probably stunned a couple of people with that statement because not everybody enjoys this, but the truth is that when you give a gift, presentation is key. It just means you cared enough to take a couple of minutes and tried your best, nobody expects you to deliver professional results, but nobody likes careless wrapping either! For me wrapping a gift is therapeutic! I just enjoy finding new ways of folding paper or making a bow, if it was up to me I would set up a “Neighborhood Gift Wrapping Center”! I’ve added a new Pinterest Board under the name of “Gifts” to help you out with simple, original ideas to wrapping gifts not just for Christmas but through out the year. Long and forgotten are the days that nice gift wrapping was only done at Macys!


Repurpose an old sweater or anything knitted! Beautiful, elegant & simple!

"Gift wrapping is not the problem is the bows!" No worries, a roll of yarn will do wonders!

“Gift wrapping is not the problem is the bows!” No worries, a roll of yarn will do wonders!


“Gift wrapping paper is so last decade!” Then packing paper it is; it only cost $1!


No time to shop for everybody? If baking is your thing, check out this Printable Template  to wrap cookies!


“Gifts Cards for everybody!” Sure, why not, but… do you have to put it in a card? Now that is definitely “last decade”! Try something fun!


Now who doesn’t like cash?! Switch the chocolates for dollar bills and insist they open the box! The look on their face is totally Facebook worthy!


Now what is a party without a good bottle of wine?! Here’s another use for that sweater you got last year, plus check out more ideas on my Pinterest Gifts Board.


Need a gift box? Do you have some cereal in the house?!


Want to give bow making one more try?! The link to this tutorial is no longer available but the pictures are actually pretty straight forward.