A Valentine’s Day Kinda Breakfast!

Not everything has to be chocolates and sweets on Valentine’s Day. How about a breakfast fit for a queen or king?! Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, most of us should have time to sit down and enjoy a good breakfast before the day’s task. I’m a soccer for a good breakfast. I like to change it up and try new things, these are my favorite breakfast recipes and they go from healthy to plain all guilty pleasures! They are all easy and quick to make -that’s kind of a “must have” around here!- and they have direct links to their original sources, so check them out!

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Okay, so I’m really not into the whole “Paleo” thing, but I wanted to try a couple of recipes, specially something with “coconut flour”! I mean… you can’t go wrong with coconut! I used regular (not organic or grass fead) butter and coconut oil and the results were AMAZING! You got to try this!

Paleo “Oatmeal”

Seriously, we don’t do Paleo but they sure have some good healthy recipes! We go through a Quaker Oats BJ’s size box every two month or so, meaning we eat oatmeal almost every other day. Why not try something new?! This is an interesting recipe that I’ll admit is not for everyone, but if your loved one likes healthy eating you should try it. We didn’t like the version with bananas (No Eggs Version), but the Egg Version it’s good, of course I added some Cool Whip on top!

 Cream Cheese Pancakes

Now to the not so healthy breakfast… Both me and my little guy love packages, my husband not so much but he is officially outnumbered! You would think that these would be heavy since they have cream cheese, but surprisingly enough they are extremely light! I’m not sure calories wise but is one guilty pleasure you will be glad you’d tried, just go easy on the syrup!

Breakfast Bake

But of course you gotta have eggs! This recipe is bound to be a repeat in your house (if you like eggs that is), is extremely simple and it packs lots of flavor. You can prepare it the night before in about 10 to 15 minutes and bake it the next morning, it does need about one hour to bake though. Depending on your household, you might even have breakfast left for the next day. Whether for Valentines or Mother’s Day, this one is a keeper!

Guilty Pleasures

I’ll admit that I haven’t had a chance to try these next two, but they are on my list of recipes to make, and since chocolate is undoubtedly part of Valentine’s Day, why not?!

Or you can just make a good all Cup A Joe!

Here’s a video link on How to Pour A Heart on your coffee or latte, good luck!

See you next week!



Ready, Set…Cook!

“I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.” 

Nancie J. Carmody

By now, you might be deep into your Thanksgiving dinner preparations, and maybe your Black Friday shopping plans to! Last night after Jaden went to bed, we seasoned and stuffed our turkey and tomorrow I’ll bake desert. We always strive to enjoy and relax on Thanksgiving day rather than spend hours on the kitchen. In the spirit of the upcoming Holiday I will share with you some of my favorite recipe’s for the weekend. I have tried them all and I can say they are keepers and worth your 5 to 20 minutes of prep time, so, if you get tired of Turkey sandwiches, soups, casseroles, etc. give them a try!

Breakfast: Quiches to Go


If you are thinking: “Not another quiche!” you gotta’ try this simple recipe, the great thing is you can make it in advance and leave it in the fridge for a couple of days. Trust me, it takes about 5 minutes to prepare and you’ll love it! Plus, you probably have everything you need on the fridge already!

Side Dish: Crashed Roasted Potatoes


This is actually one of our sides for Thanksgiving this year. My husband has to have roasted potatoes on his Thanksgiving Menu even at the expense of Sweet Potatoes! I know… so sad! (I really wanted sweet potato casserole this year!) Anyways, this is very simple: boil, crash, season & roast! Yummy!

Comfort Food: Carrot Soup


I was a skeptical when it came to carrot soup, coming from Puerto Rico we really don’t include this type of dish on our dinner table. Why? well, we mainly fill our table with let’s just say lot’s of starchy food!! My husband in the other hand (being half British) loves this type of meal, so I gave it a try and I will tell you I’m in love! Its creamy (without the need of cream!), healthy and easy to make. And though it is filling, it is soothing as well, definetily comfort food, and who doesn’t need comfort food after Thanksgiving or Black Friday?!

Desert turns into Snack: Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies


They might sound heavy and overly sweet but these are surprisingly great! I will tell you that I added the Caramel bits “to taste” (more like 1/2 a cup rather than 1.5 cups), and I think that made the difference. They where just perfect with just the right amount of sweetness! Out of all these recipies , this one would be the most time consuming, about 15 to 30 minutes.

I wished I could have added a Real Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe for this cold weekend (it would have gone perfectly with those cookies!), but I can tell you that so far I’ve tried 3 different recipes and let’s just say they’ve all ended up on the sink. I haven’t given up yet, I’m still searching, I have another recipe pinned on my fridge, we’ll see how that goes! Have a great Thanksgiving  surrounded by those you love and enjoy the Season!!

“Not what we say about our Blessings, but how we use them is the true Measure of our Thanksgiving” 

W.T. Purkiser