Be your own Fashion Designer!

After a month absence, I’m finally here to say… WE ARE FINALLY MOVING!! Lord willing, we will be closing on both houses next week, thus the reason for my absence the last few weeks. I’ve been dying to post but it has been so crazy I’ve barely had a chance to sit. But now that I’m finally on track with all the packing and preparations I’m eager to share with you this next chapter: Home Projects!! But before we start with those (we’ll get to that next week!) I’ll share with you this post I had drafted nearly a month ago, I just never got around to adding pics (until now), but here it is…

Remember the trill of going shopping for a party dress?! Maybe it’s me, but the idea of having to walk the entire mall looking for something specific to wear, is more daunting than ever. My soon to be two year old behaves like a champ, but it’s still exhausting not to mention frustrating to go store after store looking for something and not only not find it, but also not like a single thing. Is nice to keep up with fashion trends, but what do you do when the trends are just plain and simple not you? Or when what you really like happens to cost an arm and a leg?! We are left with a pickle of choices:

A. Buy that ridiculously expensive piece because it’s the only thing you like, even though you know you’ll regret it later. Hopefully nobody will spill something on you and you’ll be able to return it after the party.

B. Buy the current fashion trend, at least you’ll look “fashionable”… even though you hate it. You most likely will give it away later or who knows, maybe it will grown on you… maybe! or

C. Buy what ever! It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, or whether it’s trendy or fashionable, what ever fits and it’s affordable goes. “It’s only for one night anyways”


If you happen to own a sewing machine, don’t fret the situation, you might not be a “Pro” but with a little help and practice, you’ll be good enough to make yourself what you envisioned. The awesome thing about sewing for yourself is that nobody knows how your piece looks on the inside what matters is how it looks on the outside! Yes, I know, horrible advise- but if you start with this in mind, you will be less harsh on yourself and more likely to finish your piece. Perfection takes time and practice, you’ll get the insides looking as nice as your outside with time! Don’t know how to sew? No worries! You can find all sorts of excellent tutorials online, and machines now a day’s make it easy for any beginner. I’ve been sewing here and there since my early teens, but I’ve always had a hard time with sheers, chiffon’s, lace, etc. which is a problem because I LOVE sheers and laces. When I didn’t find what I was looking for, I took the challenge of -one week, a toddler and an upcoming wedding- and designed my own “designer skirt”! This is what I had in mind when I went to the mall, a simple outfit:


If you think of it, it is as simple as it gets: a plain fitted black top and a free flowing sheer skirt with a slit! Maxi’s are in style right? I should have been able to find at least one of the two pieces at the mall, but I must’ve been on the wrong mall! I couldn’t even find a website where I could buy the skirt! After spending hours doing web searches, I decided to make it. I made a trip to Joann with coupons on hand and bought fabric, thread and needles. The key to successfully sewing lace, shears and chifons is definitely the needle, not all needles are alike and the right needle makes a huge difference, no jams what so ever!


These worked out like a charm! They are meant for lightweight sheer fabrics.

I found this awesome link with simple straight forward tutorials on how to properly sew “transparent” (laces, chiffons, etc.) fabrics. If you ever venture into sewing delicate fabrics you have to keep this for reference! It is originally posted in Spanish but the translations were added right underneath each paragraph through out the tutorial so it’s easy to follow. Follow the tips and you’ll be sewing like a “Pro” in no time!

If you need a pattern, you could buy one at the store or find one for free online. I found a couple of helpful sites that show you how to properly cut your skirt, I ended up making my own design since they weren’t exactly what I was looking for but they are great references for future sewing projects!


Tons of different patterns, check it out!


Great illustration, gives an idea of how much fabric you’ll need to achieve your specific look.

Circular Skirts

How to cut a Circular Skirt


Variety of Skirt Molds by ArtecomQuiane


Ready for a twist?! Check out these, a simple change makes a big difference!

It literally took me about 4 days to finish it (of course, keep in mind I have a toddler that is way to eager to get in trouble!) but it was easy and worth it. I got lot’s of complements the night of the party and the best thing was that I felt absolutely comfortable! I’ve added a couple of pictures below, please forgive the model (me) she is a little rusty on the whole modeling thing!


Moral of the story: don’t compromise taste and style because you can’t afford it or you can’t find what you are looking for! When it comes to fashion, there’s always a way of making it happen without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I only spent about $30 including the top and felt and looked like million dollars! So the next time you are looking for a specific outfit and can’t find it, try your hand at designing your own! Of course you’ll need a back up plan just in case, but don’t cross it out, you might surprise yourself with your own version of designer clothes! Besides, nobody will know you made it unless you tell them! Until next week when I’ll welcome you to our moving adventure!